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Interface: Clicking on any feature within the Ease MP3 WAV Converter interface will pull up a corresponding icon. From there, the converter really does the job for you. For once, a conversion tool is as simple to use as downloading it. There’s nothing complex about this interface, and it is ideal for users of all levels. If you’ve never had to convert a file before, the Ease Converter is as the name suggests: easy.

Usability: One of the greatest things about the Ease converter is that this conversion option comes with a support booklet and software. Even though this conversion tool is simple to use, if you do get stuck it’s nice to know that you have some kind of backup. The guidebooks that are included with this converter are written clearly as well.

Main Feature/Function: The Ease MP3 WAV Converter converts OGG, MP3, and WMA files to WAV files. Conversely, it is also possible to convert WAV files to MP3 files using this converter. This is the tool you want if you have a lot of files from the Internet that you need to convert to MP3s.

Extra Features: This conversion tool includes automatic normalizing, so any track you convert will sound right without any fuss (a very valuable feature). The Ease Converter also includes the option to convert a file to a high or lower quality (the option is yours). Both of these features (and the addition of a reasonable purchase price) makes the Ease Converter a good option for new and advanced conversion users.

Value: Shareware. Free to try/$19.95 to purchase.

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Reviewed by Harriette Halepis
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